Healthcare: Prevention or Intervention ?


35 years in Emergency Medicine

Frank Rasler MD, MPH, FACEP, is an Atlanta emergency physician with training at Emory University and the Centers for Disease Control. Motivating wellness behavior during a brief patient encounter 

has been a focus of his clinical care.   

As a keynote speaker or a workshop leader, 

he uses humor with a little jolt of reality to inspire a healthier lifestyle

 - - and help keep you out of the E.R. 


A Philosophy for how to look at life

This is a new era of understanding behavior modification.  

You can consciously focus your thinking on a healthy, happy long life, and with the right motivation and information 

permanently change unhealthy behavior.  


"Health, if you are blessed in having it, is a gift 

and it’s your responsibility to maintain it".


Workshops and Keynotes

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TEDx - Health, Motivation and the Near-Death Experience


Health, Motivation and the "Near-Death Experience"

Healthcare is overwhelmingly devoted to disease intervention - rather than prevention, yet so much of what we treat is preventable.  

 Why do we frequently ignore the risks and avoid changing unhealthy behaviors?    

We need to inspire clear personal goals and find our unique enthusiasm for a healthy lifestyle.  

To permanently modify unhealthy behavior we must maximize both positive and negative motivations - use "the carrot and the stick".   

Negative visualization of a critical Near-Death Experience is an intense behavior modification tool, to help people focus on these behaviors, 

emphasize the reality and motivate action.  What is keeping you from reaching your brightest future ? 


Inspiring Health & Wellness in the Office

Why do we wait for heart disease or back pain to begin, 

and then start pills and therapy ?  Motivation can be difficult, but maintaining healthy behavior is where the real challenge comes.  

Behavior modification methods incorporate health & fitness 

in the rest of your life.    



Job stress & E.R. style teambuilding

The emergency room team approach for trauma, stroke and heart attack uses a care-centered priority, under stressful conditions, with mutual appreciation of each team member's contribution.  

Many of the principles for success in the E.R. team can be applied to your office or group to increase enjoyment, respect and longevity.  

Accepting and adapting to job stress improves employee health, 

job satisfaction, productivity, and helps prevent burnout.  

Rx Prevention - 5 minute Q & A interview: Don't wait until you end up in the emergency room   

There are a few remaining cultures in the world 

where people commonly live to be 90 - 100 years old  . . . .  and they are healthy. 

Our goal of is not just long life, but a healthy, active, mentally alert and happy long life.  

The key is in reducing your health risk factors, 

and at the same time model those better habits for those we care about.  

The diseases we fear with aging don’t necessarily have to start when we're 50 years old.


ATLANTA, April 20, 2020 /PRNewswire/ --

With the recent worldwide outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, health concepts in communication, marketing, and media are playing a crucial role. Dr. Rasler, an Atlanta emergency physician on the front line of Coronavirus treatment, spoke at the National Conference on Health Communication, Marketing, and Media (NCHCMM) at the Omni Hotel at CNN Center.  Dr. Rasler's advice resonates well in attempting to find hope and some benefit from the pandemic:  

"Everyone should use this abrupt awareness of mortality from preventable diseases as a huge motivator for major change in their personal health risk behavior. Despite the sadness and economic hardship, this must also become a time to face reality about the preventable diseases that will result from unhealthy lifestyle choices we make every day.

"Look for positive steps you can take to reverse the stress and panic that comes from feeling hopeless against this crisis. Our world has suddenly changed, but being at home allows a rare opportunity to inspire healthier behaviors in exercise, a plant-based type of diet, weight reduction, smoking, substance abuse, stress management, and spiritual support – and engage your family into better health habits. The exact opposite can easily occur if you do not take specific action toward this outcome. Instead, your new at-home behavior might become a combination of laziness and Netflix, unhealthy snack foods, increased alcohol, weight gain, and depression."

View Dr. Rasler's 15 minute lecture and methods here:  

The main takeaway is that this new mortality awareness is a rare opportunity to inspire people to rapidly and permanently choose healthier behaviors, resulting in a longer and happier life.        

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